Tips for Sending Your Kid Back to School, Post-Divorce

Back to school is right around the corner. If you’re recently divorced, or not so recently divorced, here’s some tips to ace sending your kid back to school:

Use an App.

Agree with your ex-spouse to use an app to communicate important school activities with each other.  Apps are great – especially if you’re still having a hard time talking to your ex-spouse without ending up in a huge fight.  An app is a simple and productive way to communicate important details about your kid’s schooling without getting bogged down in the emotional mire of a fresh divorce. We like Our Family Wizard and Cozi but there are lots of apps out there that may suit your family. Just pick an app that lets you freely add and edit information and share it with other family members. Also, it’s handy to have an app that sends you reminders of the upcoming scheduled activities and notifies you of any changes that have been made to the schedule.

Update Your Kid’s School Records.

Review your kid’s emergency contact information on file with the school. Make sure the school knows how to get a hold of both you and your ex-spouse (assuming you both have rights to contact). And, while you’re at it, now is the time to make sure the school knows about any new individuals who may be picking your kid up or dropping him/her off at the school. If your kid is now a part of a blended family, make sure the school knows that, too.

Be Nice.

We all remember having first day jitters as we walked up to school. Consider going together with your ex-spouse to drop your kid off on the first day. Remember, your kid’s first day of school isn’t about you, or your ex-spouse, or your divorce. Your kid’s first day of school is about…YOUR KID’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Period. So, make it special and make it memorable for your kid.

Get to Know the School Counselor.

You may want to introduce yourself to the school counselor and let him or her know the status of your family’s recent divorce.  The school counselor may be able to keep an extra tab on how your kid is doing back at school, post divorce.  And, the counselor may have some ideas and extra resources available to help your kid adjust as needed.