• ★★★★★


    Having this law firm was one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time. Mrs. Rostad is very knowledgeable and there for you when you think all is lost. Just know she will be there to help you through your process no matter how difficult. Just listen to the directions she gives and you will see a remarkable attorney in the courtroom.

  • ★★★★★


    Stacy & her staff are wonderful to work with. She had to deal with my out of state divorce in Colorado. She knew the laws there as well.
    I was at ease with her from the first meeting. She explained everything to me and always kept me aware of what was going on.
    I highly recommend Stacy Rostad and her firm. You will not be disappointed.

  • ★★★★★


    Mrs. Rostad was on my case for one day and brought me so much hope for my custody case. She really knows her stuff and was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a family/ custody case.

  • ★★★★★


    ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! If that’s something your looking for in a lawyer Stacy rostad is the lawyer for you. Stacy is an amazing, understanding, and wonderful person, she helped me understand my case better and helped me get concrete evidence to help her prove our case.If you feel overwhelmed or like it’s the end of the world she will boost your confidence and help u through it and be so humble and kind. I would recommend her as a lawyer, if they would’ve gave me the option for more stars I’d give her a 10 …

  • ★★★★★


    The impact that a great lawyer can have on one’s life is unmeasurable. This journey wasn’t easy and truly tested my patience and at some moments faith, but I trusted Stacy’s word and now I can finally stop the worries and have my son with full custody.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Stacy on several occasions over the last three years and she is hands down the one and only lawyer I trust to represent me.

    Stacy has guided and mentored me through difficult situations that I was faced with to ensure I did what was always in the best interest of my son. She has told me the truth at times when I did not want to hear it, but knowingly it was the right advice to take. She encouraged me to teach myself how to separate my emotions and stay professional at all times.

    As I said this has been a journey, but I chose the right path to take and that was to hire Stacy.

  • ★★★★★


    When I met Stacy I knew she was the right attorney for my situation. Her knowledge, professionalism and ability to connect on a personal level gave me the confidence that she would work for my best interests. She took my case seriously and kept me updated on its progress. Her explanation of the legal process was clear and understandable. Stacy worked to get my case finalized as quickly as possible.

    The staff at Rostad Law are always courteous and very helpful. The secure portal that is available to upload documents was very easy to use, convenient and an efficient way to transfer the necessary information needed for the case. I would recommend Rostad Law to anyone.

  • ★★★★★


    Stacy was very professional and knowledgeable and up to date on all state laws. The state laws changed in the middle of my case and we were still able to progress towards a positive result even though the law changes were not in my favor. Stacy did an excellent job dealing with my ex, who is very manipulative. She is very personable and dug deep to truly get to know everyone involved in my case. She went above and beyond to make sure I wasn’t being taken advantage of. I would recommend Stacy in a heartbeat.

  • ★★★★★


    Stacy and all of the paralegal there were a lifesaver for me! They were available to talk whenever I needed and made sure that I got every single thing I needed to have done, done in a timely manner. Stacy was so sweet and always made sure she saved me money whenever she could! I recommend this firm for ANYONE!!

  • ★★★★★

    After working with another attorney for months and getting nowhere, I contacted Rostad Law Offices to discuss my options. Stacy called back promptly and I knew this was who I needed to handle my divorce case. Within a couple of weeks I had mediation scheduled and court date set in case mediation didn’t work.

    Stacy and her staff are very professional and available for any questions or concerns. Stacy said from the beginning “This is your case” but was very thorough in explaining and discussing my options and potential outcome. Stacy is very knowledgeable in the law and how the system works.

    Stacy and her staff are very competent, personable and trustworthy. I would recommend Rostad Law for any legal or family law issues.

  • ★★★★★


    Stacy has been great to work with in a less than fun process. She has paid great attention to my wishes and helped me understand my options. The time and effort she has put into my case really shows in the outcome. The staff has always been helpful. I have been more than satisfied working with their office!

  • ★★★★★


    Rostad Law has been amazing to work with. Mrs Rostad is very knowledgeable, up front and honest. She is aggressive in that she gets the job done right and works hard for you and your needs. Rostad Law provides a client portal making communication, billing, downloading and receiving documents convenient and easy for everyone. She has a wonderful and friendly staff that works just as hard as she does. I highly recommend Rostad Law for handling your legal concerns and needs.

  • ★★★★★


    I have used Stacy Rostad on two occasions, and she has been nothing short of amazing! She is very knowledgeable in the law, professional in her communication, and readily available for questions and concerns. I had never had any experience with the law or court, and she made me feel very confident in my decisions by thoroughly explaining all of my options and possible outcomes. The staff at Rostad Law are also very friendly, helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend Stacy Rostad to anyone needing a family law attorney!

  • Superior attorney, professional and passionate!


    After working with another attorney for months, I was getting discouraged so I met with Stacy to discuss my uphill chances, as a dad and a defendant, to get primary custody of my infant daughter. Stacy immediately demonstrated her superior legal expertise.

    Stacy demonstrated her outstanding ability to formulate a winning legal strategy by focusing on the most important aspects of my case – what a breath of fresh air. She quickly developed an overview and demonstrated her excellent analytical skills by pulling the relevant pieces from the large volume of written material in a matter of days. Stacy read everything! She did not cut corners.

    Stacy showed her superb organizational skills by summarizing the evidence in a systematic spreadsheet, a mere glance showed in a clear fashion how the evidence fit together in a convincing manner. My case is considered difficult and complex, the seasoned judge wrote that he had not encountered in one case so many difficult aspects.

    Stacy was very prompt in her communication, she works in real-time, she never left me hanging. Stacy demanded transparency and she always performed due diligence, if I could not provide evidence to confirm a claim it was not going to be used. Period. This speaks volumes about Stacy’s integrity.

    I am very familiar with Stacy’s tremendous work ethic and her outstanding ability to present the essence of disparate pieces of information in a concise, persuasive manner. Stacy’s motions were clear, compelling and always filed in a timely manner. Before trial, Stacy prepared me for what to expect on the witness stand and how to conduct myself during the cross-examination by the opposing counsel. This speaks volumes for Stacy’s passion for her work.

    It was in the courtroom that I saw the same professional side of Stacy, her cross-examination of witnesses was professional and devastatingly effective and without any of the horse and pony show elements used by the opposing counsel. In the weeks leading up to trial we were exchanging dozens of email a day to go over the hundreds of pages of last minute records that we received from the opposing side. To say that Stacy thoroughly prepared my case for trial is not an understatement.

    Stacy made her capable and efficient staff available to me for small and big things related to the case.

    I admire how personable Stacy is, her calm demeanor is very reassuring. I trust her. My confidence in her legal competence is absolute.

  • Absolute one in a million …


    I just walked out on my husband after 26 years of marriage. I was the bread winner and he threatened to take everything I had, including my retirement. I moved to Laramie for a new job, two months prior to this day of exodus. I had no friends close by, no family in the entire state and worse of all … there was sheer terror within my body, because I had no realistic notion of what the legal consequences of my choices were going to be.

    I Googled “divorce in Wyoming” and that left me with even more doubt/confusion:
    • Had I done the right thing?
    • Would I lose everything?
    • Would I have to pay him alimony?

    The one thing I did know – and I did not know a lot then – I needed legal advice IMMEDIATELY. I needed an attorney. Someone I could trust, confide in and answer all of my questions so I could make an educated decission.

    The moment I met Stacy I knew she was the attorney for me. She was not just any attorney: Stacy was an advocate for my mental well being as well as a true professional. She was a crucial individual in guiding me through my divorce. Although, it was a fairly simple case, it felt like hell to me. She was empathetic, yet honest and straightforward when she needed to be.

    Stacy encouraged me to take my time making financial decisions. She supported my choices and questioned decisions I might have made — in haste — Stacy provided me with clarity I needed to make the ‘best’ decision for me.

    Stacy and her entire team are amazing: they are caring, honest and supportive. I felt completely out of control (and lost) when I started this new stage of my life. By the time we went to trial, I felt confident with all of my choices.

    Thank you Stacy — and team. I could not have made it through this without you.

  • Life Altering Accident


    My introduction to Stacy Rostad came after a life altering accident which left my husband with a traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones and over 1.3 million dollars of medical bills. Within six months we were having to sell our home, land, horses, life-long belongings and I had to quit my teaching job. She was part of a team of lawyers that responded to the needs of our broken family.

    My husband’s accident took place in a prominent hotel and resulted in our filing a lawsuit. I first met Stacy during a phone conversation and was quickly drawn to her because of her genuine concern for our family and thorough investigation of the initial facts. Despite the fact we were separated by two-hundred fifty miles I never felt alone or left out of the legal process. Stacy’s constant communication and information kept me informed. Each and every avenue of the legal process was explained to me and if a face-to-face meeting was needed Stacy commuted to my town so I wouldn’t have to leave my husband who needed twenty-four hour care.

    Although our circumstances were somewhat dire, Stacy was a positive, professional and uplifting influence as we inched our way through a nearly three year legal process. All timelines were met, research conducted, witnesses interviewed, experts located as well as analysis and verification of medical facts. Development of our case resulted in ongoing changes but Stacy’s competency, experience and dedicated law team guided us to a positive conclusion.

  • Advocate, best attorney in Laramie


    I have known Stacy for 9 years. She has helped me with a very complicated and nasty divorce, and then further litigation with an ex-husband that was very complicated, nasty and on-going. She has also been a “go to” when I had issues with my kids. I trust her. She is professional, trustworthy, courteous, and kind. She is an honorable person and will do what she says. She is also very informative and was able to explain things to me when I was confused with the legal process.